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Yamaha U1 & U3 will order

A professional's piano in High Gloss Ebony. These gems are increasingly hard to find today, especially of this qaulity and tone.

It was $4500 - $6500,
Or Rent for only $100 - $175per month
Tokai ...

This piano has been refinished, tuned, and regulated. Tokai is a small Japanese piano maker. They are most famous for making the action parts most piano rebuilders use today. #1212

It was $1295, now it is only: $500. Rent-toOwn for only $35.

I no longer have the bench in the picture, I will supply another.

Story & Clark ...
Story & Clark Studio

This piano is in excellent condition and has been very well maintained, tuned multiple times a year.

The cabinet is stunning and the tone and touch are very musical. #999

Was $2150, Now only: $1250!. If you are not ready to buy this piano, you can rent-to-own it for only $55 a month (10% deposit & delivery)



Kawai Console

This is a used Kawai in very good condition. The music desk has had to be repaired.

I have been maintaining this piano for about 8 years. It has been tuned regularly. #975

Was: $1550 Now only: $1050!. If you are not ready to buy, you can rent-to-own this piano for only $45/m. (10% dep. plus delivery)










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