Rent to Own in the Chicago Area

If you cannot purchase a piano at this time then we encourage you to try our Rental Program.

We have two options.

  1. Straight Rental. If you only need a piano for a limited amount of time or want the best piano with the least cost this is your option.
  2. Rent-To-Own. You can pick your term or pick you price (within certain limits of course) Most upright pianos can be rented from 24 – 48 months in this program and some of the more costly grand pianos can run for 10 years.

Just let us know what your needs are and we can find the right program for you.

There will be no charges for any service work the piano will need throughout the rental period. You receive two free tuning every year. And if in the unlikely event the piano needs service between tunings, there is no charge.

The minimum rental term is 6 months. This will allow your children to have a chance to experience playing the piano for a reasonable period of time. They are much more likely to enjoy taking lessons and playing having a real piano to play.

There are a wide variety of terms available for each piano. The lengths and rates of the rent-to-own contracts are based upon the sales price of the piano. The higher priced instruments can be paid over a greater amount of time. Most of the <$3000 will run for a maximum of 3 years. Terms will run as long as 10 years for pianos costing more than $9000.

A 10% deposit up to $500 is required also. The deposit will be returned with the safe return of the piano or can be applied to the purchase of the piano. Sales tax applies to all rent-to-own contracts when the rental contract converts into a sales contract. Delivery is based upon type of piano, distance, steps, and landings.

Please take a look at the pianos we have for sale on the website or visit our store. If you would like more information on various rental programs, please give us a call at

Why Rent a Piano?
With over 100 pianos in homes around Chicago we get asked this often. For some people purchasing an instrument may not be an option for them. Here are some of the reasons people have rented pianos from us:

  1. Since our rental program is a rent-to-own program, many use the program as a payment plan for the piano’s ultimate purchase.
  2. We can give people a real piano for less than a keyboard.
  3. People in transition. Many are people are in the area for only a year or two and didn’t bring their piano with them.
  4. Our rental rates are very reasonable so you can afford a much better piano than you would otherwise be able to.
  5. Gold plated warranty. Our clients eceive one free tuning every year and complete warranty service on everything. We are usually able to have repairs made within a couple of days at no charge.
  6. Easy payment plans. We take all major credit cards.
  7. Large selection of quality refinished and reconditioned pianos.
  8. The ability to easily upgrade to a better instrument without having to first sell their current piano.
  9. We take trade-ins.
  10. We have reasonable delivery rates and free pick up after 6 months.


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