Chicago Area Piano Event Rentals

We offer a complete rental program. If you need one piano for a day, 20 for a weekend, or just a nice piano for your living room, give us a call. Our rental program covers nearly every piano in our inventory from a humble spinet to a concert grand piano. Our inventory includes a Steinway B 7' Grand and a Yamaha C3.

Our pianos can be found on stages all over the Chicago area. Just recently we were at Chicago Hilton & Towers Grand Ball Room and Navy Pier. We have also rented pianos for use by such stars as Sting, Madonna, Oprah, R. Kelly, Faith Hill and Kenny Rogers. Some local big names we have rented to include Johnny Wright and Phil Rossi.

All of our pianos are in mint condition. We don't wait until they are in desperate condition before we replace or refinish them. You will never have to cover up one of our pianos because it is ugly... we guarantee that!! Also, all or our pianos must meet my personal standards as to their musical condition. As a Concert Pianist myelf, I understand how high the standards can be and will meet them.


If you need to rent a piano or two dozen pianos for an event give us a call!

Baby Grand, Grand, or Upright

Weddings, Parties, Special Events

There is a delivery charge depending on distance and stairs.

Call now for details!
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