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Yamaha G2 ...
Yamaha G2 Grand Piano only: $3150! Or rent-to-own for only $80 a month. This piano will not last long!


I am a motivated seller of a 1970 Yamaha G2 gloss ebony grand piano. The piano is 5' 8" from keys to tail.

The cabinet has had some ... love. I have touched much of it up and from 6 feet most of it is un-noticeable.

I have just put on new hammers (Ronsen), shanks, and flanges. I have also done a custom action balance. The touch is very smooth and even. The piano holds a tune and the pins are tight.

I have serviced this piano since the mid-1990's.

I can also work out a rent-to-own program if needed.

Please give me a call to come and see it.

Andrew 630-852-5058

*A Signature ranking for action work will signify the action has received a complete Custom Action Balancing (CAB) and if appropriate, new action parts have been installed. A CAB provides for the proper weight and leverage positioning of all action parts to achieve a uniform, smooth, and efficient touch.

Weight variation between adjacent parts greatly impacts the feel of a keyboard. Because of the various leverage ratios involved in a grand piano, a one gram difference between adjacent hammers can become a 5 gram difference at the playing end of the key. If the capstan is moved as little as a single millimeter the resulting change in leverage can have an enormous impact on the weight of the keys as experienced by the pianist. Most manufactures will use lead weights in the keys to cover up all of the inconsistencies they are building into their pianos. This creates yet another layer of adverse effect on the touch. The mass present in the keys adds to the inertia which must be overcome to play the note.

As pianists we have spent a life time compensating for all of these variations found in poor, mediocre, and world class pianos. However if you ever played an instrument where all of these inconsistencies were removed, you would be amazed at the level of control you gain.

In a Custom Action Balance, we weigh all of the individual components of an action and fit them into a predetermined plot. We also reposition the capstan, wippen heal, and acton spread to maximize the efficiency of the action. Yes, this can take a lot of time, but the results are worth every hour of work. And since we have exercised control over every aspect of the playing mechanism we are able to customize the touch to your specifics.