Custom Refinishing

The most modern finishes used in an environmentally friendly setting.

We recycle all stripper and stripping byproducts. Our efficient spray systems allow for a minimum of loss of material into the atmosphere. Very low VOC finishes are used which releases fewer hazardous chemicals. Waterborne finishes have now come of age.These finishes are water clear and capable of a high polish, their durability matches or exceeds solvent based finishes.

All pianos are hand stripped to bare wood. The wood is then cleaned and the pH is neutralized.All residue from the stripping process is recycled.

The preparation continues with any surface and subsurface repairs which are needed.Water based aniline dyes color the wood without hiding its beauty. These highly durable coloring agents also allow us to custom mix our colors to best match your desires. The custom dyes are mixed and applied. A sealing coat seals the wood and provides the base for any toners and fillers used to finish the coloring process. Finally the finish is built up by successively applying finish and sanding it back until sufficient film thickness is attained for the final rubbing out.

All finishes are closed pore and polished up to a gloss finish. Satin finishes are also available.

Our finished pianos have appeared as such illustrious stages as the Lyric Opera of Chicago and performance venues all across the Chicago area.

Customizing the cabinet is also available. Sometimes pianos have been "updated" by having their period legs and music desks replaced with simpler, more modern styles. These pianos can also be restored to their original elegance. Also simple cabinets can be decorated with trim and have period legs made to create that classic piano of your dreams.

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