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Meeting all of your piano needs

ANR Piano Service offers a complete range of piano services.

While we continue to offer rent-to-own pianos, we show them by appointment only. Because of our very limited showroom space we can show only two grand pianos at a time. You can visit our Grand Piano and Upright Piano pages to check and select from our inventory. All pianos are fully tuned and regulated before they are delivered.

ANR Piano Service specializes in the restoration of fine American and European pianos. Instruments from the Golden Age of piano making, 1890 - 1930, present musical opportunities only dreamed about by nearly all modern manufacturers of pianos.

Though we work on some of the finest Pianos ever built, we are not elitists. Every piano deserves to be brought up to its grandest potential, whether it is a Piano such as a Steinway & Sons Art Case "D" Piano worth $200,000 or a 100 year old upright Piano that grandma used to play.

Some pianos are simply a little tired and in need of a little piano rebuilding such as new action parts, pin block, strings or a new finish. On the other hand some "sows ears" can be made into "silk purses" with our custom piano redesign and rebuilding service. Many pianos are only a few "re-squared corners" from being truly great instruments.

The best way to ensure successful musical experience for your child or for yourself is to have a piano that is both enjoyable to play and look at. You may speak to Mr. Andrew Remillard directly to discuss your piano needs and have them attended to by the craftsman who actually does the work on the piano, not just a piano salesman.